Monday, July 9, 2007

Tel Aviv

While staying in Natanaya, we also spent several days in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is Gil's birthplace, and although he only spent 3 short months of his life there, I think some of the city rubbed off on him. First of all, it's a very young and vibrant place. Whether enjoying the beach, sipping a latte in a cafe, or playing boccee in the park, everyone seems to take time to enjoy life. Secondly, the people in Tel Aviv like to stay up late! Bars barely open up at 10 and the outdoor sushi cafe we ate at was packed with people at midnight. Apparently, its not uncommon to wrap up a long night of clubbing or raving in the desert with a drink at a beach bar the next morning. Finally, despite what I have heard from other travelers about the "rude Israelis", everyone in Tel Aviv was very sweet and ultra helpful.

We primarily spent our time in Tel Aviv wandering around the different neighborhoods and trying various falafel stands. We visited the flea market in Old Jaffa, admired the Bauhaus architecture in Neve Tzedek and drank coffees on Sheinken Street. We also spent a fair share of our time relaxing and swimming at the excellent and plentiful beaches!

We really enjoyed Tel Aviv and its hip, modern vibe.

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