Tuesday, July 3, 2007


By popular request, here's the lowdown on my shoe situation.

I took the advice of those of you I consulted with prior to the trip and decided to 1) left my beloved Sauconeys at home and 2) sucked it up and bought a pair of Tevas. So, I ended up taking 3 pairs of shoes along for the ride - my hiking shoes, Tevas, and a pair of flip flops. The Tevas have proved invaluable for navigating through wet canyons and swimming on rocky beaches. And as much as I wish I could slip into my cloud-like Sauconeys after a long day of pounding the pavement, I would definitely not have had enough room for them.

As for other travel gear, here's our initial thoughts:

3 ipods and travel speakers - the speakers are worth their weight in gold, but I think we could have gotten by with just one ipod (Gil may disagree with that one...)

Laptop - didn't bring one, but often wish we did. Free wireless has been everywhere, and it would have made blogging much easier.

3 swimsuits - definitely overkill.

Packing cubes - one of the best investments we ever made.


Lani said...

nice job jen, proud of you for only bringing 3 shoes. but 3 bathing suits? lol, thats hilarious!
trip sounds awesome so far! missing you guys :)

BOT said...

Shoes. Oh my god, shoes.

Cathy said...

Let's get some shoes... let's party.
Miss you guys!

Karen said...

Jen, I heard from Lani about your shoe dilema. I have to admit that is also one of my most difficult packing dilemas. Happy travels... can't wait to read more... karen p

Jane said...

glad the shoe situation worked out! hahaa :)

T-Rex said...

i've been totally waiting to hear about the shoe situation! i'm glad you didn't pack your original five pairs! ha :)