Saturday, June 9, 2007


From Selçuk, we headed down to Marmaris, where we would be embarking on a boat trıp. The bus ride was beautiful and ın particular, driving down through the mountains into the seaside town was a breathtaking sight. We only had a night ın Marmaris, and although we had read it was very touristy now, we had a great time. There is a georgeous old part of town to ramble through, with a castle that peers over the harbour. There are also some killer clubs - when we saw the lasers and flames shooting into the air, we knew we had to break the budget and go check out "Bar Street". It was surprisingly busy (everywhere else we`ve been so far has been kind of dead) and although we didn`t dance on the bar like a lot of people there, we did shake our booties for a while.

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