Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fetiye and Saklikent Gorge

The boat trip ended in Fetiye, and as it was a very nice town, we decided to make it our base for a few days. There were several rock tombs carved by the Lycians into the hills behind the town- something we`d see throughout the region in the days to come. There was also an ancient Roman theater in town, which we saw some local boys making good use of for soccer practice.

From Fetiye, we visited Saklikent Gorge, an 18 km gorge cut into the Akdağlar Mountains that ıs so steep and narrow that the sun doesn`t penetrate in several places. We hiked as far as we could and than got assistance from a very strategically positioned guide who helped us over waterfalls and other precarious parts of the gorge until we reached a larger waterfall about 2 km in. It was a wet and muddy adventure (luckily for us, the mud is collected for use in mud baths...) and we had a great time.

Our final night in Fetiye we went to a restaurant that came up with a great idea, which is now replicated by all it`s neighbors. Since it is nearby the fish market, they let you buy your fresh fish (or shrimp or calamari) directly from the seafood sellers and for 5 YTL, they`ll grill it and provide bread (always...) and a salad. Yum.


Gordon said...

make sure you eat kadaif (shredded weat like dessert with nuts and honey) with kaimak (rich sweet cream)

robin said...

I can think of at least one other place where the sun doesn't penetrate...uh, the dark side of the moon? Safe travels, you two!

Chuck said...

more pics of gil wearing socks and sandals!!!

steve said...

It all looks so great, and so glad that your doing this blog. love you guys. I'm jealous!!!!!