Sunday, May 27, 2007

Move over Virginia, Santorini is for Lovers

Our final day in Santorini we trekked down and then back up the side of the Caldera - through the heat and smelly donkeys - to take a boat out to the volcano and nearby hot springs. The volcano was a black mass of lava built up over a series of eruptions and was pretty neat to walk around, but probably the best part was the 360 degree view of the surrounding islands. The hot springs were not as luxurious as we had hoped - it was more of a lukewarm sulfurous bay colored red by rust. But being out on the boat for the afternoon was worth the trip.

That evening we watched our last sunset on the caldera, sipping Santorini wine and eating chocolate and cherries. We finished with a great traditional dinner at a local restaurant near our hotel, cheering with the Greeks as Milan took the Champions League finals over Liverpool. Santorini ıs one place we would definitely come back to. İt really ıs as beautiful and romantic as ıt seems.

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