Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nungwi, Zanzibar

From Stone Town we took a dala dala to the northern beach town of Nungwi. A dala dala is a small pick-up truck that has a roof and benches added to the bed. It was even more ridiculous than the matatu we took from Sipi Falls in Uganda, because at one point there were 33 people jam packed into the back and hanging off of the bumper, and at least 4 more in the front cab. As uncomfortable and odoriferous as it can sometimes be, we never regret traveling like the locals do (for short trips, at least) because it gives you great insight into the culture. One thing we've observed repeatedly is how quiet and content the babies and children in Africa are, no matter how hectic the atmosphere is. We are trying to figure out the secret to pass along to all of you new or expecting parents...

Nungwi is supposed to be the "party" town in Zanzibar, and although there were some really fun beach bars, there were plenty of opportunities for relaxing as well. The powdery white sand beaches and aqua blue sea are definitely post card perfect, especially when the horizon is lined with hundreds of wooden sailing boats called dhows. Another beautiful sight was watching the colorful local women trawling the shoreline with fishing nets at sundown.

We took a dhow to a private island where you could enjoy the surrounding reef and amazing multi-colored fishes. On the way back we stopped at a secluded beach for a fish BBQ. We also enjoyed walking up the shore at low tide to the the next town over, Kendwa, which had an amazing broad beach backed up against some beautiful woodlands. Heaven.

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Zanzibar Hotel said...

Some great pics, Nungwi is a beautiful place. Any idea which “private island” you visited?